Year 6 Dinner Photos

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On my previous post I had a reflection on my project this term. I also have some photos of the final year 6 dinner. Please enjoy them!

Maths Party Reflection

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Unfortunately, this will my last post about my Maths Party. I have unquestionably enjoyed planning and making my my dream Year 6 Dinner. The things this post will include are: How I managed each aspect, the troubles I encountered, which aspect of the project I enjoyed the most, whether I managed my time at school well and did I manage my time well at home, did I complete all the components at home? I will also include what the real Year 6 Dinner was like compared to the one I have planned.


  1. How I Managed Each Aspect

Firstly, the way I made sure that I completed everything was by starting one thing and finishing it before I did another. This strategy is useful for many things and I used it for this. It means that you know you haven’t missed out on anything and you haven’t got anything that is unfinished. If I had an idea about something other than what I was working on, I would write it down somewhere and when it came that topic, then I would remember that and continue.


  1. Troubles I Encountered

Next, I didn’t have many troubles but one of them was trying to find appropriate prices for entertainment that wouldn’t blow out my budget. The people that sell/hire entertainment really set their prices high. One hour for a karaoke machine costs around about $1,000. Crazy right! You can imagine that that is just one of the many karaoke machines online. Try and think of what some other prices might be! I did find a reasonable price for both karaoke machines but also photobooths. Although, trying to find cheap entertainment wasn’t easy. It probably took up ¼ of my time. It doesn’t sound like much but if you think of all the other things that I had to plan and design, that is a lot of time wasted on one aspect.


  1. Which Aspect Of The Project I Enjoyed The Most

In Addition, the aspects that I enjoyed the most were some of the homework sides. I really enjoyed making the menu and invitation. I like those types of hands on things where you can do whatever you want. Everyone’s theme was different and everyone’s ideas were completely unique. We also had an option to design our crockery and what would be on our table. I don’t think that anyone did it apart from me. I really enjoyed making my own buffet table, decorations and crockery. It was great fun. If you would like to see what I drew, scroll down to my previous post and you’ll see it there. It also has my entertainment and my decorations.

  1. Did I Manage My Time Well At School?

I definitely think that I managed my time well at school because I got close to everything done on time and if not, I was early. I got everything done that I needed to with plenty of extra time. I planned out each thing using the strategy listed above. Sometimes I did get distracted but I realised and told myself to hurry up and get it done quickly and well.


  1. Did I Manage My Time Well At Home?

I think that I definitely managed my time very well at home because I got everything that I needed to get done in time. I tried to get my work done on the weekend or on Monday because our homework is due on Friday and if i can get it done as quick as I can, so that I can I chill out for the rest of the week. I also completed all of the aspects at home on time and also some extra activities.


  1. How did my plan compare to the real Year 6 Dinner?

My dinner was very different compared to the real dinner. I wasn’t informed that the theme was a disco but in my party it was clear on the invitation that the theme was High School Musical. I also had a main course for everyone. In the real one, only the adults had main courses. In my planning there was no DJ but in our one there was. It took up a lot of time with the DJ but it was great fun.

 Bye Bye,

Jemma : )

14th Goldfish – Final Post

  1. What is the main theme of the 14th Goldfish?


I think that the main theme of this book is that not everything goes the way you want it to. It’s the circle of life. It doesn’t mention this until the end but once I heard it, I understood the rest of the book. Just like when Mrs Starlily gave her students goldfish and when it died. Not everything goes the way you want it to go. Everyone will die sometime and so we need to deal with it. It’s the cycle of life. There are many other phrases such as – Believe in the possible, Science is awesome, and so many more.


  1. What is the message of the of the story


I think that the message of the story is to believe in the possible. Anything is possible if you believe in it. Melvin would have been trying for years and years to try and make the T.Melvinus. He had to believe in the possible when he was going through the hardest times. He taught Ellie about that as well and she found her passion. She would have been thinking about what she could do as a scientist and so would I! So I think that the message of the story is to believe in the possible.


  1. Which character can you relate to and why?


I think that I can relate to Ellie the most. Mainly in friendship ways. Just like Ellie, I had a very close friend that I know from pre-school. We did everything together and had some pretty funny times. Later on she went through a stage where she just wouldn’t talk to me. Like Brianna, she didn’t sit with Ellie for a very long time but later on regretted going with her volleyball team. A while after she did talk to me again and our relationship was quite sketchy. We were still good friends but not as good as before. She got into more and more fights with other people. The end part is a lot more different to Ellie but the main story is similar.

 Heart book

Decorations and Entertainment

Hi Everyone,

This week’s blog post is about the entertainment and decorations that I’ll be having. I have not loads but quite a lot of products that I have ‘bought’ for my party.

I will start off with entertainment. I decided to have a photobooth and a karaoke/jukebox machine. I didn’t want too much because otherwise it’s too much and too crowded. The photobooth is $800. Reasons why I have it: 1. I have the money with over $1000 still left over.

2. Comes with a photobook with all the photos taken and with online galleries etc. I think they are very good quality and I even got to choose what it looked like! Secondly, my karaoke /jukebox machine. It’s very good and it has everything that I wanted in it. It was $250. I wanted to have only High School Musical songs on it and so they allow that to happen. You give them the variety of songs that you want and then they add it on themselves. It also comes with two disco lights so I think that will be worth it.

Now onto decorations. I have a lot of these. For general decorations, I have a tri-coloured laser which is $60. They are very good quality though. I also have a disco ball it is very big and it costs $40. I love disco balls! For my table I will have a bunch of decorations. Scroll down for a layout of what will be on the table. I have a lantern in the very middle which will be polka dotted and a strawberry red. On top of the lantern will be a poofy crepe paper bunch. I’m not sure what to call it. Like a tissue ball I guess! Around the Lantern and poofy thing will be some photo frames with the high school musical characters on them. Then, I will glue pictures of the students’ heads onto the character’s faces!

That’s all for the dining tables, but what about the buffet table? You would’ve seen on my previous posts that my menu is a cafeteria theme, I decided to make that my theme for the buffet as well. There will be red trays lined up at the start ready for people to take. Just like a cafeteria in a classic American High School. The red trays are $29.95 for 12 and so all together the price for them is $419.30! It’s worth it though. On top of the trays will be a paper lining with decorations shown in the pictures below. There is also a set out of the buffet tables down with the other pictures.

Please remember that all these prices are from real places but are not being physically bought by myself. Thank you! Next week is a reflection as we are finishing! : ( Thanks for reading!



Learning in Excel

Hi everyone,

As you know, we have been using excel to record all our data. We fill in boxes and write about the prices, products and the amounts. At first we knew the basics but we wanted to know more. Mrs T told us all about how to add sums and the shortcuts to do it as well.  They are so much easier and I use it now all the time. We learnt that to minus something you write = n – n then press enter (n=number). To multiply you write = n * n then enter. The add you write = n + n enter. Finally to do minus write = n / n enter. I hope that maybe you could use this too! We use these shortcuts to add the prices and times them together. I had finished everything and so I got to add up all the prices for food, entertainment, drinks, money left and then decorations. I added them up separately. I then used a special tool to make the sums into a pie graph. It was great fun. I would definitely use excel again but only for this kind of thing. I don’t have much uses for it but when I do I use it well. I had troubles about finding how to add the food and desserts together to get the total price. I asked Mrs J though, and she helped me a lot. That’s how I got the pie chart as well.  Here are some pictures of the charts and sums.


Sums and Multiplication Pie chart

“It’s Dinner Time!”

Hi Everyone,

Today I have been working hard on my fake party planning project. I’ve had so much fun already…. It’s been a lot of work figuring out good prices for my food. At school we had to choose all the different foods and then show all the ingredients and their prices. This also includes drinks. As part of homework, we had to make a menu card to explain what food was going to be served. I wondered whether we still had to do it if we were having a buffet and Mrs T said yes. So I made it as soon as possible and here it is! Remember that it’s a High School Musical Theme so the menus match as well…

Jemma : )


Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 4.24.24 pm

Jeffrey Smart Artwork

Hi Everyone,

Since the start of the term, our class has been looking at Jeffrey Smart’s incredible artworks. He designs architecture with perfect colours and they all look amazing. We took pictures ourselves of architecture that we liked. The majority of the class took photos of our own school but I took my photo from NBCS. We used Photoshop to edit the photos and change the colours of specific parts. Mine is on the left and Jeffrey Smart’s is on the right.

JemmaMy PictureJeffrey Smart

Measuring, Measuring and more Measuring. . .

Hi Everyone,

One the last couple of days we have been measuring like crazy! We had a couple of people go to the hall and measure the diameter of the round tables. We also measured how much space was needed to be able to push your chair out in order to get from the table. We made a scale of 1:100 (1cm:1m) and made a floor plan on where we wanted to put all the tables. Our teachers let us use colourful paper to indicate the tables and where specific entertainment would be. A picture will be located at the bottom of the post. There is also some information about the measurements and some other things on the side of the sheet.


My Floorplan

Just a Reminder

Hi Everyone,

As you might have read, I am making my own party by myself. If you saw the picture of the invitation, there was an ’email address’ for invitees to RSVP to. I just wanted to let you know that this email is fake and was only made for the purpose of the invitation. Please don’t try and write an email as they will never reply and it is Fake. Thanks so much for understanding guys.


It’s a Party!

Hi Everyone,

This Term we are no longer going to go to separate teachers for maths groups, but instead, they came to us! On certain days, we go to other teachers depending on our mathematical ability. Then on the rest of the days, we stay with our class. A couple of days ago, we were meant to be doing maths groups but instead, our teachers gathered us together and set up the Smart Board. We were very anxious to find out what we were going to be doing this term. We were also surprised to see that our maths groups teachers were watching at the back as well! Mrs M made a video explaining the main points of our project. Thanks Mrs M. Here’s the link We found out that we were going to make our own Year 6 dinner party! We could do anything that we wanted but obviously wasn’t going to be the real thing.

First, we brainstormed as a class what aspects of the project needed to be completed. There were lots and lots. We only have until week eight to finish. That’s five weeks away! We have a budget of $4,860. That’s a lot! Some aspects of this project will have to be done as homework and  and also at school. The homework side will be presented on my blog so make sure that you keep up to date with my blog. For example, a couple of parts that need to be done as homework are the invitations and we need to decide the theme. Some of the mathematical aspects are to measure the size of the table and to multiply the number of children by 3 to get the ‘maximum’ amount of people coming.

This week, the aspects we need to focus on is choosing the theme and making the invitations if we had time. I was really keen on this project so I got these two things done in the first two days! The theme I have chosen is a High School Musical Theme! I know that some people in the grade don’t like High School Musical as much as I do but I know that if I organise it, everyone will have an amazing time. It was also optional to make invitations if you had time and so I made them as well. They will be shown at the end of this post.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my post and finding out about our new subject this term. Make sure that you keep up to date with what we’re learning and doing.

Catch you later,


Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 2.13.19 pm